The Blue Boy of Glen Boy Mor

26th April 2017

Jemmy John is a tortured soul. The flax bogs on the glen and the cottage are his life. However, his younger sister Colleen doesn’t share in his enthusiasm. She feels trapped by the bog and the glen and her brother and craves the chance at a better life. Enter two local suitors, Paudie Rua and Stephen who are determined to steal Colleen’s heart and escape the glen... Jemmy John is having none of it! A fresh and sensationally haunting dark comedy, ‘The Blue Boy of Glen Mor’ is a thrilling piece of theatre that will have you on the edge of your seat from the start. From the multi-award winning Brassneck Theatre Company who brought you ‘The Holy, Holy Bus’, ‘Man in the Moon’ & ‘A Night with George’, this really is a MUST-SEE show!

Admission From: £14.00


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