Let The Dance Begin 2017

23rd February 2017


In partnership with Arts Care and The Pushkin Trust, ‘Let the Dance Begin’ is an inclusive Arts, Wellbeing and Education project happening within participating schools, community groups and health settings. Inspired by The Pushkin Trust’s theme of ‘Floodtide in the Heart’ - Seamus Heaney, ‘Let the Dance Begin’ aims to bring many different people together through Creative Arts within the community of Strabane. Be a part of our colourful ‘Sea of Life’ Celebration Walk on Tuesday 21st February starting at The Alley Theatre at 6.30pm, leading to our a Pop-Up Gallery. Come along to our vibrant, inclusive display of dance, drumming, poetry and more at The Alley Theatre on Thursday 23rd February, 7.30pm.








Admission From: £3.00


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