Alley Theatre technical specifications

All technical requests should be made to Andrew Orr, Technical Officer.

Technical Officer Contact Details

Andrew Orr
Office : +44 (0) 28 7188 4760  ext 4360

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Technical Specification      

Stage Dimensions

• Procsenium Arch Height – 5.1m
• Stage Width – 9.5m
• Stage Depth to Back Wall – 9.5m
• Height to Lx Bars approx – 5.6m
• Height to Grid approx- 10.76m
• Stage Left Wing approx -2.0m
• Stage Right Wing approx – 7.0m
• Distance from Pros to FOH 1 – 6.3m
• Distance from Pros to FOH 2 – 13.8m
• Distance from Pros to Control Room – 15.8m
• Length of Flying Bars – 9m
• SWL of Hemp Bars 125KG
• SWL of Electrical Bars 250KG
• Stage Floor – Hardwood and painted black may be drilled into on request
• Stage Manager – D/S/R fixed
• Flying System – 14 Electrically driven pile wind fixed speed bars with 6  moveable Lx bars which have 6 channels per bar.  Controlled from either U/S/L at stage level or via hemp bridge.
• 6 Hemp Bars access from S/L technical gallery
• Orchestra Pit – is 9.5m wide and varies in width with changes in seating system, this can also be covered with sectional flooring to have a flat floor auditorium.
• Flying Bars are approx 9m long
• 6 IWB’s with 6 channels per bar with lx1 and lx2 doubled to 12 with socapex and a flood bar plugged up on the final electrical bar.
• House Curtains – on a variable speed motor activated D/S/R and in control room
• Masking – 4 hard maskers (5m x 1.5m) are available, as well as 4 legs which can hang from bars. Main stage is black boxed.
• Cyclorama – White cyclorama available to fill back wall of stage.
• Get In – Is via the scene dock, this is accessed via Canal street and a sizeable lay-by is reserved for incoming companies.
• Other Stage Equipment – 30 stage braces and 30 stage weights available for holding set also available are a number of quick clamps to assist in getting set up.
• Storage – Storage space is minimal although the S/R area is 7m deep and suitable for storing large props etc. S/L is 2m deep
• Access to LX by Zarges Stairway Scaffolding tower or Zarges A Frame ladders.  We also keep a selection of stepladders for working on set.

Lighting and Power Supply

Lantern List

• 13x ETC Source Four Zoom 15/30
• 10x ETC Source Four Zoom 25/50
• 4x ETC Source Four 10
• 5x Selecon Lui Cyclorama Baton’s
• 20x Selecon Rama Fresnel 150/6
• 8x Selecon Rama PC 150/6
• 24x  Par 64 Long Nose Par cans with MFL Lamps
• 6x Par 64 Short Nose Chromed Floor Cans
• 6x Par 36 Pin Spots
• 6x  Par 16 Birdies
• 4x Martin Mac 550 Profile
• 4x Martin Mac 600 Wash
• 4x     Robe 250AT Colorspot
• 2x Robert Juliat Alex Follow-spots
• 12x     Showtec 1W LED Parcans
• 6x  LED Floodlights


• 20x  10m  16amp – 16amp male to female
• 20x 5m 16amp – 16 amp male to female
• 20x 2m 16amp – 16amp male to female
• 20x 2m 16amp - 15amp male to female
• 20x  16amp Trelcos
• 15x 10m 3pin DMX Cables
• 8x        5m 3pin to 5pin DMX Cables
• 4x        20m Socapex with 16amp Spiders
• 2x  15amp Socapex spiders

Additional Equipment

• 10x Irises for ETC Source Four
• 2x Lighting Booms
• 15x DMX Terminators
• 1x Look Unique DMX Controlled Hazer
• 1x Antares DMX Controlled Smoke Machine
• 3x Pulsar DMX Buffers


• 3x ETC Sensor+ ESR36 Dimming

Lighting Control

• 1x  ETC Congo

Power on Stage

• 29x  13amp Outlets on 3 separate 32amp rings
• 18x 16amp Dips to lighting system
• 1x        clean 32amp sound supply
• Independent 160amp 3phase touring Supply terminated with 64amp Ceeform

Power from Galleries/Bridges

• Both 13amp/16amp hots/Non Dimms and 16amp Dimms sockets are located at regular intervals throughout the technical bridges and galleries, the 13amp/16amp being on separate 32 amp rings

Sound Equipment

Sound Desk – Allen and Heath GL3300

Amps – 5x Martin MA 1.6s

Martin EMX 1A Speaker Controller

Front of house – 2 Martin EM Series Subs and 2 Martin EM series tops, side by side and 2 at ground level angled into the audience on a cross, with 3 Martin AQ12’s flown from centre of pros on the mono sum.

Foldback/Monitors – 4 Martin 1200 monitors

EQ – 3x BBS 2231 31 Band EQ


• 2x Shure SM86 vocal Condenser Mics
• 4x Shure Beta 58A
• 2x Shure Beta 57A
• 3x Shure SM58
• 3x Shure SM57
• 2x Sennheiser E945
• 2x Sennheiser E606
• 1x Shure PGDMK6XLR Drum Mic Kit
• 3x Crown PZM-6D
• 2x Sennheiser Handheld Wireless with 1x lavelier mic
• 3x Sennheiser ME67 Shotgun mics with K6 modules
• 3x AKG CP391 Condensor Microphones

DI Boxes and Cables

• 4x BBS Active Box
• Variety of Balanced and Unbalanced Cables

Outboard Equipment
• 2x Tascam MD 350
• 1x Tascam CD 160
• 1x Tascam CD-RW 900 SL
• 1x Lexicon MPX 110
• 1x Yamaha SPX 2000
• 1x Behringer Multicom Pro XL
• 1x Behringer Multigate Pro
• 1x Yamaha O1v Digital Sound Desk

Induction Loop System

ASL Calls System

ASL Comms System

Sanyo XPL57L Projector and Flown Screen (Front and Rear Projection) available at competitive rates for rental.

A mix position for Sound is available in the auditorium from rear of seating at a loss of 6 seats.