Alley Theatre Standards of Service

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  • Our Friendly and enthusiastic staff will always aim to:

  • Be courteous, considerate, impartial and helpful at all times.

  • Respect customers' needs for privacy and confidentiality.

  • Answer all queries accurately and comprehensively.

  • Attend to visitors at reception within 10 minutes ( if already with a customer, acknowledge  others waiting, and give an indication to how long the query may take.

  • Wear name badges.

  • Use agreed greeting on answering calls and answer calls within 10 seconds/ 3 rings if circumstances permit.

  • Provide telephone answering machine message service during busy periods and non office hours.

  • Action telephone messages/Emails at the earliest opportunity and no later than the same working day.

  • Respond to or acknowledge letters or faxes within 3 working days, providing the name of staff member dealing with the enquiry.

  • Make available comment/complaints slips at all times.

  • Maintain an attractive, accessible, orderly, and safe environment for all.